“My family and neighbors were able to get a real world estimate and very thorough survey from Armstrong and Associates. Instead of taking unnecessary advantage of the people in our community, Armstrong gave us a dedicated, accurate and reasonable service that we can use to get on with our business and we are thankful for the experience.”

Aaron Byrd
Virginia International Raceway


Rich Armstrong is very easy to work with, provides a high level of customer service and always exceeds my expectations.  As a real estate broker, having reliable service providers to refer to my friends and clients is critical.  I always want to be sure they will receive the same level of service I provide.  Rich’s name and company are at the top of my list, and I have gladly sent him business whenever possible.  On the personal side, Rich has put his knowledge and experience to work for me and my family and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Without reservation, I can say Armstrong and Associates is the only name I need when it comes to any surveying work I need done!

Dan Vollmer


Armstrong and Associates worked tirelessly to determine boundaries and consolidate properties lines for a recent church building project.  He encountered many different issues during his work and pushed through until all problems were resolved.  Rich addressed all issues during his research of the property lines that would guarantee our title insurance approval. He provided all documentation to our law firm to help secure a clear title to all the property needed for our building project.  Rich Armstrong is highly knowledgeable in this field and is thorough in all aspects of his business.

Gregg Van Der Hyde
Marion Baptist Church
Building Project Liaison